Camping Equipment
Picture of G.I. Field Bandage  SOLD OUT
G.I. Issue wrapped sterile bandages for field wounds. Approx. size 7 x 4 inches.


Picture of G.I. Canteens with Covers 'SOLD OUT"
G.I. Issue One quart size with heavy duty cover.


Picture of Artic Canteen
New. G.I. with cover and canteen cup. Insulated for cold weather, water will not freeze inside


Picture of Canteen Cup
G.I. Issue "New" stainless steel 2-Handle canteen cup, xlnt. condition.


Picture of Canteen Cup Heater (OUT OF STOCK)
Cup warmer. Fits under the cup for easy heating with trioxane fuel ( trioxane not included, but available at $2.95 for three fuel bars)


Picture of G.I. Mess Kits "Used"
Used, Mess kit, G.I. (used) Unfolds into a pan and bowl. Available with or without utensils. Available also in new condition.


Picture of G.I. Angle Head Flashlight
New. G.I. angle head flashlight. Comes with spare bulb and colored lens caps


Picture of G.I. Chapstick 'SOLD OUT"
G.I. chapstick. Made by A.H. Robins. The real thing "SOLD OUT"


Picture of G.I. Tritium Compass
New. Compass, G.I., tritium. Will glow in the dark with no outside light source


Picture of G.I. Lensatic Compass
G.I. New Issue lensatic Compass, comes with nylon cover.