Camping Equipment
Picture of G.I. Lensatic Compass
G.I. New Issue lensatic Compass, comes with nylon cover.


Picture of Canteen, Gas Warfare Cap
1 qt. Plastic G.I. Issue canteen with gas warfare cap attached (enables drinking with gas masks). New condition.


Picture of Stove, G.I. Pot Belly, New
New, G.I Issue complete Pot belly stove. Wood burning only, great for heating all military field tents. PLEASE CALL US FOR SHIPPING CHARGES BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER


Picture of Stove, Yukon  SOLD OUT!!!!
G.I. Issue, "Used" Yukon stove, wood or coal burning. great for heating all military tents, as well as allowing for cooking on upper surface of stove. Complete with stove pipes and grill. PLEASE NOTE EXTRA SHIPPING MAY us for shipping cost available also in New condition SOLD OUT

Picture of Suture Needle
New. Sterile suture Needle, also comes with thread for quick sew ups.


Picture of G.I. Pistol Belt
G.I. pistol belt. Thick nylon OD web style, heavy duty metal or plastic buckle


Picture of Water Purification Tablets SOLD OUT
G.I. Issue, water purification tablets. 10 tablets per sheet, each tablet used to purified 1 qt. of water. (SOLD IN INDIVIDUAL SHEETS OF 10 EACH) CALL FOR AVAILABILITY "SOLD OUT"


Picture of Navy Bunk Bed Set
Used. Navy 36 inch wide bunk beds, steel construction with springs. Adapters also included for easy setup. Practically indestructible PLEASE CALL US FOR SHIPPING CHARGES


Picture of MRE Heater
New in plastic. MRE Heater, comes in packs of 12


Picture of Parachute Army T-10 Solid "Used" SOLD OUT
Army T-10 Solid Parachute, Olive Green, 35' diameter. Cords have been removed. Available also in new condition