G.I. Equipment
Picture of G.I. Cotton Web Trouser Belt
New G.I. Style cotton webbing belts with buckels.


Picture of Black Leather Dress Belt "Garrison Style"
New. Black leather dress belt. 1.5 inch width, comes with chrome buckle. GI Garrison style.


Picture of Canadian Army Gas Mask "SOLD OUT"
Canadian army gas mask, with filter (uses the US Army M-9 gas mask filter) 'SOLD OUT"


Picture of Russian Military Gas Mask
Russian Military Gas Mask - complete with carrying bag and nato filter, new issue.


Picture of G.I. Snowshoes, Magnesium
Used G.I. snowshoes, with bindings. Also available in new condition.


Picture of Foam Pad for Bunk Beds "Used"
Used 28 inch foam cotton covered mattress for bunk beds. We also offer a new 36 inch civilian innerspring mattress as well as a new and used military issue 28 inch mattress, please call for pricing


Picture of Aluminum Rocket Container SOLD OUT
Used. Aluminum Naval Rocket Storage Container. wateproof lid held on by securing latches, approx. size 30x12x12. Excellent condition.


Picture of M16 Pouches
Used, G.I. Issue M16 pouch, nylon. Holds 2 mags, also available in new condition.


Picture of 45 Cal. Pouch
45 Cal.Mag Pouch, Available in cotton, leather and in new and used condition.


Picture of G.I. Leather Holster SOLD OUT
New GI .45 Cal leather hip holster SOLD OUT